Rudolph Walker Foundation

Rudolph Walker, one of Britain’s best loved & most respected actors has formed “The Rudolph Walker Foundation.”

The Foundation exists to work with young people to empower them to make better choices in life, to allow them to explore issues affecting their lives in a safe space and to develop self esteem.

The Rudolph Walker Foundation Objectives are:
1. To provide young people with a sense of purpose.

2. To recognise that different people have different talent and skills, which need to be nurtured individually and sympathetically to help them fulfil those talents and skills.

3. To understand that self-esteem is crucial to the development of responsibility and ambition in young people; and to develop self-esteem through team work and common objectives and goals.

4. To give participants achievable goals that will be of practical educational value to children, young people and adults in our community.

5. To address a significant gap in provisions.

The foundation holds an annual Drama Competition (RWISDA) between young people and between schools nationally and internationally in a way that helps young people to use their spare time in a positive and productive way, and to offer an alternative to “hanging around” after school, alleviating the boredom syndrome that can lead to anti-social behaviour.

Donations by cheque payable to:
The Rudolph Walker Foundation, 154 Wanstead Lane, Ilford IG1 3SG or by bank transfer to Rudolph Walker Foundation, HSBC, 40-38-04, 24594347

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