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Intern opportunity

Intern opportunity

Young People: Job Opportunity from one of our partners

KushCinema the UK’s 1st streaming platform dedicated to showcasing the best in global black cinema is looking for 2x young part-time Interns to engage in Content Research, Social Media and Administrative Tasks.

This is for young people seeking to gain experience within the new medium of online streaming and film distribution industry (the business end of the film industry).

They will learn:

  • Content Research & Acquisition
  • The business of Streaming
  • Content Strategy / Management
  • Basics of Social Media Marketing / Strategy
  • Film Distribution


Duration: 4 months
3 days per week

Age: 18 -24

This is not a paid position but travel expenses and lunch covered (potential permanent position after internship).

Lots of exciting freebies (attend film screenings, watch films on KushCinema for free, meet film/TV industry celebs, help manage events with possible monetary rewards & more)

Looking for positive mature can-do, reliable young people with skills who are film fans and want to help champion black filmmakers and amplify black cinema.

Send CV and covering letter to:

Further info: 07961 977 749

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