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What is it?

The REACH Project was an intensive off school-site, 8-session programme run by the London Borough of Enfield for secondary school learners who had been excluded from school or were at risk of being excluded. Alongside core academic subjects, the programme offered a range of creative experiences, including drama classes delivered by the RWF. These classes recognised of the power of the performing arts to support young people to work through difficult times and build important personal and practical skills. The young people could explore issues of concern to them, and were matched with well-known professional actor/mentors, who supported them to develop their own piece of drama or poetry for a final performance in front of an audience. Trips to see world-class performances were also made, to provide inspiration and build cultural capital.
Since the REACH project RWF has been working in secondary schools – REACH & Beyond.  Our experienced drama mentors work with groups of students for a term of 2 hour workshops once a week after school presenting a performance at the end of the program.

Who’s it for?

Groups of up to 16 students selected by the school who are at risk of exclusion, criminal activity, lack of attainment & other issues or just those looking for ways to express themselves and become more engaged.
Testimony from Cally Campbell-Davis, Oasis Academy Enfield   We have a high number of students who find it difficult to engage socially.
Students find positive and respectful communication challenging at times because of the SEMH needs. 
There is definitely something to be said about the impact that C-19 had on cognitive development and the value of meaningful connections.
The RWF program boost self-esteem, confidence, understanding of Shakespearean literature and context. The content of sessions is relatable and this helps students to work together as a team and find solutions to problems whilst encouraging them to think creatively in order to own the work they do.


Participants build on existing strengths and discover new and talents. They will develop a wealth of personal skills to support positive educational pathways, form robust friendships and social connections, and improve their general health and wellbeing over the long term.

Our programme in 2022

The past 2 years have been a challenge for all young people, particularly those who are already experiencing difficulties in their home and school lives. This is why our work with the Reach programme in partnership with the Borough of Enfield was so important. Participants were able to explore the added anxieties and stresses caused by the lockdown through the creative activities offered by the programme, and rebuild their resilience. before re-entering mainstream education.

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