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Our Foundation

The Rudolph Walker Foundation was established in 2009 on the 70th birthday of Rudolph Walker, CBE; a highly respected actor with over 60 years’ experience in theatre, films and television; from Shakespearian high drama to on-screen comedy. He was one of the first black actors to be seen regularly on British television in programmes such as the controversial 1970s sitcom, Love Thy Neighbour; The Thin Blue Line, starring Rowan Atkinson (1995); and Ali G Indahouse (2002). Since 2001 he has played the role of Patrick Trueman in the well-known BBC One television soap opera EastEnders.

Having transformed his own life through the performing arts, and seeing the potential for it to do the same for others, particularly those coming from a position of disadvantage; Rudolph set up his Foundation to provide inspirational role models and positive activities which empower young people to overcome the obstacles which they may face in life, and build positive futures, as limitless as their imaginations.

“For me, an actor’s life is one which keeps you creative, forever developing, growing, flourishing and enriching yourself and others.”

Rudolph Walker CBE.

Rudolph Walker O.B.E.

What we do

about us

The Rudolph Walker Foundation aims to unlock the potential and promote the wellbeing of young people, by involving them in high-quality performing arts experiences and welcoming them into an inspiring, creative and supportive family.

How we do it

A creative family: Our professional mentors, acting coaches and young people inspire, support and motivate each other to push creative boundaries, and make and share exceptional work.

The key to change: We use the performance arts to enable young people to explore different perspectives and ways of thinking, and become positive and adaptable contributors in life.

Unlocking potential: Through creative activities, including drama competitions for schools, we support young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to gain the confidence and skills they need to overcome obstacles to success, and fully develop their talents.

A safe space: Through diversionary activities, we enable young people to stay safe and choose well.

‘It takes a whole village’: We promote cohesion and diversity, and encourage young people to form positive, mutually supportive relationships with adults and their peers, through youth mentoring programmes and creative learning projects undertaken as teams.


Anton Phillips
Ricky Norwood
Michaelene Holder-March
Lindsey Coulson
Deji Adeoshun
Sarah Eckert Moore
Darius Walker
Rudolph Walker CBE
Sheona Walker
Ansel Wong CBE

Our Ethos

Our organisation’s ethos is based on the principles that underpin ‘The Flight of The Geese’.

Each member of the group, as it flies, creates a lift for their fellow birds, allowing them to fly further with less effort. When a goose falls out of formation, they realise that it takes a lot more energy to try to fly alone. When a goose gets injured or sick, two other geese will fall out of formation to stay with the goose until it is able to fly again. When they head back out, they work together to catch up with the rest of the flock. They then move back into formation and progress to their destination with the group again.

When any team has a common goal that they want to reach, they will be more efficient, effective, and successful when they work together.

Together We Fly Further!

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